Consistency & Patience Leads To Sales, with Tom O’Hare

Sept 9, 2021

The Mass Business Podcast

Season 1, Episode 9 – Consistency & Patience Leads To Sales, with Tom O’Hare

Episode 9 brings us a talk with my friend Tom O’Hare. Tom founded Get College Going to help students, parents and young adults achieve educational goals after high school. He focuses on helping families find the right educational path for the right reason, at the right school, and for the right investment. He tells us about how he gets his name out there to find clients and about how the work you do today can pay off 6 months from now. Tom and I talk about the power of information and the trust we need to have in our referral partners as well as their trust in us. This conversation is all about education and learning, patience, & more. Are you ready? Let’s go!!

Resources mentioned in this episode –

Grammarly     Psychology Today – Blog

Contact Tom –    617-240-7350  

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