Visibility Drives Business Opportunities, with Bobbie Carlton

Sept 3, 2021

The Mass Business Podcast

Season 1, Episode 5 – Visibility Drives Business Opportunities, with Bobbie Carlton

Welcome back. In our 5th episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Bobbie Carlton. She’s a business owner, PR professional, and public speaker. She tells us all about her day job, her night job, and her dream job while we talk about active listening, sharing knowledge with those around you, and learning from others. Bobbie shares her knowledge and expertise about getting yourself out there and how that can drive opportunities for business growth. Being seen and public visibility are important aspects of any business. Are You ready? Let’s go!!

Resources mentioned in this episode – 

Clubhouse   Asana    Microsoft Office 365    Microsoft Teams     My Speaker Leads

Lioness Magazine

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